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Questions/answers about Avalon-Life

Answers to frequently asked questions about Avalon-Life!


Key questions/answers on Avalon-Life

We have selected some of our most frequently asked questions by our members before joining Avalon Life and listed in order that these FAQ will help you better understanding the principles of Avalon-Life to join us with total confidence.


What is Avalon Life?

It is a Company that offers lifetime mining contracts, allowing partners and members to create their own crypto-currency among the most profitable crypto-currencies at the moment. (Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, LiteCoin, etc ...) and this is for life!

What do I need to do exactly at Avalon Life?

If you are a customer: nothing to do apart from investing in your membership contract. If you are a license Partner: it’s your choice simply invest to benefit from all the advantages that brings you the license or build your team to increase your income.

The crypto-currency I will earn, is it real?

Yes, and it is what marks the difference between Avalon Life and other companies. Because the concept of Avalon Life conveys to you everything important about mining and has the best deal under comparable providers currently on the market. Mining lifetime contracts Avalon Life only mine cryptocurrencies listed and the most profitable to mine. Adding your gains will be in bitcoins. And finally AvalonX which is the token of Avalon is already mining and has a public mining address that prove their existence: Mining Public Address AvalonX (ALX) (what other companies are often unable to provide)

Am I going to dedicate time to Avalon Life? If yes, how much time per day?

You will not have to spend time on Avalon Life, just very little time to register there and buy your pack lifetime mining. So you can continue your activities normally. Without being affected by Avalon Life.

What is a mining pack?

The term "Pack" in order to allow people who know MLM for better understanding of it. But they are not concretely packs, there are mining lifetime contracts. These contracts are like a print money machine, except that instead paper money creates crypto-currency. Your own crypto-currency! Having a lifetime mining contract is like having a personal printed money machine.

Is it mandatory to take a license?

Take the license is very interesting because it allows access a precise and privileged information about crypto-currencies market, gives you the opportunity to create a true business through the development of a partner team and/or customers, allows you to have better prices in mining contracts, optimize the mining contract in order to be more profitable, developing a career plan in order to reach an Ambassador status and a Tesla car offered by the company, etc. But you may be simply a client buying a lifetime contract mining from a license partner.

Are there advantages if you are simply customer?

Yes, besides having a mining lifetime contract, you can participate in the affiliate program wich will help you earn more mining power whenever a new client buy a contract through your referral link.

If I want to be a simply investor, is it possible?

Yes, in that case you will be a client who invest in a mining contract, is all! Your contract will bring to you daily crypto-currencies and this will be for life!

Might I recommend Avalon Life in my environment?

Yes, you can talk if you want about this Company with your friends . They will invest in a safe place and without risk in the new economy. In this way they may create financial wealth which will be available inmediately even on a card E-Coin !

What do I need to do to become a client or a license partner ?

You can from now buy your license, to buy the mining contract, you should wait a few days, contracts wil be available from 25 August 2016. You will need bitcoins for this purchase! Please see below the procedure to acquire your Bitcoins: Bitcoin purchase process

How can I get access to my profits?

Every day, our customers and license partners receive their mined Bitcoin, etc. They are booked in your backoffice and can be withdraw from there to your card E-Coin. This mastercard is obtained from the platform E-Coin: Registration free E-Coin

This page is not an official page Avalon Life and does not intend to serve as a support or official relay for Avalon Life. This page is published in order to have an idea of the concept Avalon Life and help our members with a supplementary tool at their disposal.


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